Domestic Photovoltaic Systems

Domestic PV systems normally range between 1 and 4kWp, generating 850 to 3400kWh / year, requiring 7 to 29m2 of PV array, and costing between £4000 and £10,000 (inclusive of 5% VAT).

Our domestic installations usually take no more than 4 days, and have always been on budget. We pride ourselves on producing excellent work while minimising disruption to our customers and taking good care of carpets and decoration.

From initial estimate to post-installation, Solstice Energy will provide comprehensive information including professional design drawings for planning applications.

Our installation went incredibly smoothly despite the job requiring a small section of scaffolding and some roofing work. Everyone turned up exactly as promised, there was surprisingly little mess or fuss and the electrical work required was handled very professionally. We were also impressed by the high standard of information and documentation provided. It's very satisfying to see the power we are generating on our display, and we are now more conscious of the power we are consuming and making further efforts to improve our energy-efficiency.

Mrs Jill Gould

Congratulations on your team doing everything so swiftly and tidily. I was impressed that it all got done in less than three days and grateful for your care in cleaning up. Considering that I made you put the cables through and around several cupboards there was remarkably little dust or disruption.

Ms J Gray

I have no hesitation in recommending Solstice Energy. They were well organised, very informative & supportive, and easy to contact post-installation if you have any queries. The standard of workmanship, from a lay person’s view, was excellent. There was no mess, everything was finished off very neatly and the behaviour of the workmen was always respectful and professional. Under no circumstances did we feel pressurised and the whole experience was a positive one.

Miss N Conti