How We Do It

The Process

If you are interested in having photovoltaics installed on your home, business or community building please send us the following;

  • The grid reference. Go to and zoom down to your building in satellite mode (not map). Right click over your roof, then left click on the option 'directions to/from here'. We need the long grid reference which will appear to the left of the screen.
  • Any guidance for our proposal, e.g. a preferred system size, or a maximum budget. We will be happy to suggest something if you do not have any requirements.

We will then send you a free, no-obligation design and quotation based on your requirements, or a suggested system if you are not sure. The design we send is not set in stone and can be altered to suit. A full schedule of responsibilities, payment terms and predicted kWh output will be shown on the quote.

If you decide to go ahead, we will make a site visit to confirm dimensions and discuss the internal work and any questions you have. After this we will issue a final quote and arrange a start date with you and order the materials.

We will commission the system and leave you with a file containing product and installer warranties, and all the information on your installation.

We hope all our customers speak well of us after we are gone and we strive for complete customer satisfaction after as well as before and during installation. If you have any questions after our work we are here to help. If there are any equipment failures in the first 5 years of operation, we will (free of charge) investigate, and if necessary arrange for replacements under the guarantees.